props to the restaurant guide!

When I saw Chinatown Street, I said, "This takes a native guide. They all look alike and there's no way to tell which I want to eat at without trying them all, which I don't have time for."
At least two entries in the guide said, "This looks like all the others, but THIS is the one you want to eat at."
Everything I used in the guide was spot on. I don't need exegesis on the 600 nearest restaurants, I need to know what's good.
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Food porn in Montreal ... worth the money

the photo does not do it justice.

Had a wonderful long dinner away from the convention at FondueMentale in the Latin Quarter. 

Four people, bottle of wine and tons of food.  Cost - it was a a bit more than I had expected, but worth it. 

The plate you are looking at (which was waiting to be cooked in a broth fondue) included scallops, calimari, wild boar, and duck.


My plate was more mundane - chicken and beef.

The place serves a much cheaper lunch or you can go for dinner and get a cheese fondue for about Canadian $14.  Which will still fill you up.


Terra Verde in the Palais serves lahmajouns (aka "Armenian Pizzas"). Here they're calling them "pita pizzas". If you've never had them, they're thin dough (in this case pita) covered with a very thin layer of sauce, ground beef (if you the beef lahmajouns) and spices.

BTW, Terra Verde is not on the maps in the Palais, but you can find it next to the clothing store "Elle A".

Anticipation pub crawl

Last night was the eve of convention pub crawl. We met in the Allegro Bistro Bar, the bar off the lobby at the Days Inn Hotel at 215 Boulevard Rene-Levesque.

I was first to arrive and I ordered a bottle of Boreale Blonde (4.5%). According to the bottle, this comes from Les Brasseurs du Nord in Blainville, Quebec. This fairly basic pilsner was served much too cold and to make it worse was in a chilled glass. I followed it with a bottle of Boreale Rousse (5%), still too cold but this time I insisted on a non-chilled glass. This red coloured beer had more taste than the blonde and was much nicer.

By the time I'd finished, we had a crowd of 18 or 19 ready to set out on the pub crawl. These numbers swelled during the evening as people rang my mobile to find out where we'd got to. Some people too didn't complete the full crawl, but I reckon that about 30 people took part in at least some of it.

Our first port of call was set to be one of the half a dozen bars in Montreal in the Les Trois Brasseurs chain. This was the one at 1658 St Denis. However, the place was fairly full and the woman at the door said they couldn't handle a party of our size. So we abandoned that venue and went onto the second bar on my list.

We had no problem getting into Le Saint-Bock. This bar has a small seating area out the front and larger interior with a choice of table chairs or comfy chairs. Our party spread out across both types.

I started with a glass of Traitre (5%) and sausages and chips to line the stomach. This beer was a medium blonde, and cloudy. It had a medium bitter taste, very refreshing IPA style beer. Eddie sitting opposite me went for the Malediction (5%) which was black coloured and Eddie said was a stout with all the flavours you'd expect. Very nice. My second beer here was the Crucixion (5%), which was dark and cloudy and very malty with a sour aftertaste. Eddie's second was the Suiverse (3.5%), very light, a little bit cloudy and slightly fizzy. A refreshing session beer.

The next stop was Le Cheval Blanc at 809 Ontario East. This bar and the next two we visited were described in my blog earlier in the week here. This time, I started with the Noire (4%), a black bitter stout. Eddie went for Blanche (4.5%). He said this did not have as much kick as you'd expect from a wheat beer, but was refreshing nevertheless. It was served with a slice of lime. I then went for the India Rouge (5.5%), a very, very hoppy American style IPA.

Next up was L'Amere a Boire, 2049 Rue St Denis. Here I thought I'd ordered a half of the Muesli 5% stout but somehow ended up with a pint of the 7.5% Imperial Stout. This was black and creamy and a major factor in my hangover the next day. Eddie went for the Celebratus (6.6%), which he described as over complex, with so many flavours that it was hard to pick them out. It also smelt like a toffee apple.

Our final destination was Benelux, 245 Sherbrooke West. This had been fairly dead when I called in on Monday but last night it was packed and noisy. I went for the 5.5% Psyclo pale ale, another very hoppy bitter.

And thus the pub crawl ended. I got back to my hotel at about 1.30am, and I heard the next day that some crawlers were still in the bar at that time.
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Mussels & more

Excellent dinner weds. at Moulinsart, on rue St-Paul a little bit east of St-Francis-X (ie downhill from and close to the Conv Centre). Many many options on the mussels; ours involved whisky. Lise had a cold salad if grilled fennel and calamari that made us all make little happy noises. Duck, many salads, a "trio of cremes brulées" on the dessert list. We sat on the awninged terrace during thunderstorm.